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2011 Meeting, Cascade Campus Portland Community College


Friday, September 9

Friday Sessions
  • Elementary Math Specialist Update (Nicole Rigelman and Cheryl Beaver)
  • Do the Mast (Thomas Dick)
    • Zip file with 1) a pdf of screens from presentation, 2) dynamic TI-Nspire file, and 3) a web export that uses the player (could be used dynamically from a webpage).
    • Pdf file
  • Introduction to the Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP) (Mark Freed)
  • Developing Collaboration in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom: Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers Working Together for Student Success (Robert Bonner)
  • Math Routines as a Vehicle for Developing the Standards for Mathematical Practice (Ann Sitomer)
  • Update from Oregon Department of Education (Mark Freed and Jim Leigh)
  • What Do Mathematicians Do? Expanding Students’ Visions through the Standards for Mathematical Practice (Nicole Rigelman)
  • The Common Core from NCTM's Perspective: What's in the Works (Mike Shaughnessy)

 Saturday, September 10

  Business Meeting
Saturday Sessions
  • Justification and Generalization (JAG) Teacher Panel (Lyn Philiben and Molly Knievel)
  • The Mathematics Problem Solving Model: A Professional Development Framework for Supporting Problem Solving through Formative Assessment (Sarah Enoch)
  • Pick’s Theorem: Discovery and Proof (Irving Lubliner)