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2012 Meeting, Southern Oregon University
Rubric Sharing
Friday, September 7
  Common Core State Standards in Mathematics: Implications and Examples for Mathematics Teacher Educators” – Karen Marrongelle

Planning the Transition to the Common Core State Standards and the Smarter Balanced Common Assessment” – Rachel Aazzerah
     Claims for Mathematics Summative Assessment
     Math-targets by Claim by Grade
     ODE Smarter Balanced Math Performance Tasks

  “Assessment, Accountability, and Teacher Quality” – Keith Menk
  Using Interviews with Preservice Teachers as a Tool to Motivate them to Learn Mathematics” – Eva Thanheiser and Matt Petersen
     Progressions Documents for the Common Core Math Standards
  “Virtual Manipulatives for Algebra Teaching” – Steve Rhine (The Center for Algebraic Thinking
  Using Feedback to Move Students’ Thinking Forward” – Nicole Rigelman

Elementary Math Specialist Licensure, sharing of interesting projects, etc.
     Math Specialist Initiatives and the program at PSU
     Mathematics Specialists: What will this look like in Oregon?
     Skip Fennell's Math Specialist and Teacher Leaders website:

 Saturday, September 8
  Business Meeting
  Math Buddies: A Problem-Solving Partnership Between Elementary School Students and Future Teachers” – Matthew Ciancetta, Laurie Burton, and Cheryl Beaver
  “Assessing Mathematical Understanding: Preparing Preservice Teachers to Use One-on-One Mathematics Interviews with Students in the Primary Grades” – Linda Griffin
  Collaborating for Success with the Common Core State Standards” – Kathie Hledik

Rubric Class Author(s) School Comments / Other files
Written homework 211-212-213 Burton & Ciancetta WOU We web posted this for students
Group (problem solving) final 396 (problem solving) Beaver, Burton & Ciancetta WOU Group final directions
Essays 211-212-213
& Ed 558 (Math Methods)
Lubliner SOU Used for scoring essays, typically essays in which students summarize and reflect on something that they've read
Homework 211-212-213 Lubliner SOU Grader uses for scoring homework problems assigned from the textbook (typically ten problems per assignment)
Holistic: Problem Sets 481 & 581
Topics in MS/HS Math)
Lubliner SOU Used to score problem sets; solution write-ups tend to be longer and more detailed than those in Math 211, 212, 213
Holistic: Writing Prompts Used to score responses to writing prompts
Assignment Scoring Guide 211-212-213 Nicole Rigelman PSU Used to score weekly homework.
PS Journal Scoring Guide 211-212-213 Used to give a holistic score to the PS journals separate from the piece that students developed as a "showcase" piece which was scores with the Oregon Mathematics Problem Solving Scoring Guide.
Reading Response Scoring Guide Methods and content courses Nicole Rigelman PSU Used to score responses to articles that were posted in an online discussion (methods and content courses).