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Teachers Of Teachers Of Mathematics
2013 Meeting, Central Oregon Community College
Friday, September 6
  Food for Thought Part 1 (Partitioning Pattern) - Irv Lubliner
     Partitioning handout

The Student's Role in Formative Feedback Cycles - Nicole Rigelman

  Exploring “Off The Peg” Geo-Shapes – Matt Ciancetta
  Report from ODE – Mark Freed
  Food for Thought Part 2 - Krista Strand
     TOTOM 2013 Math Talk Communities.pptx
     Math Talk Communities Handout.pdf
  How are you incorporating CCSSM into your courses?
    BBN appendix (Math 211-212-213) Laurie Burton
  Current State of Assessment at ODE– Rachel Aazzerah
     Smarter Balanced Mathematics
     OSU MATH 111 Outcomes
  Professional Development around CCSSM requested by teachers and administrators - Cathy Brown

Food for Thought Part 4 (paper folding) - Irv Lubliner
     Paper folding handout
     Youtube video that describes the paper folding problem and its connection to the dragon curve fractal
     How to use Geometer's Sketchpad to create iterations of the dragon curve

 Saturday, September 7
  Business Meeting
  Food for Thought Part 5 (paper folding follow up) - Irv Lubliner
  "Tile Pattern Challenge" - Hope Bjerke and Jen McCandless (A B C D E)
  Technology Enhanced Mathematics Assessment for the Common Core – Tom Dick
  Modeling Proficiency-Based Systems – Nicole Rigelman
     PS ext checklist_2012 

Additional sharing
  Illustraive Mathemaics - Dev Sinha