Start an NCTM Student Affiliate!
Information from Jill Sumerlin NCTM ASC Western Rep 2Start an NCTM Student Affiliate!

Other benefits of being a Student Affiliate of NCTM:

FREE NCTM E-Membership Benefit to NCTM Student Affiliates

For more information contact:  Jill Sumerlin NCTM ASC Western Rep 2 at

There is a link to request a membership packet and I can help you review before sending in.  One idea is that you do not have to have high dues.  Many student affiliates have dues of $5 to $10 and the student Affiliate dues are $90 per year, with students getting a $42 value, it is well worth it.

Start an NCTM Student Affiliate.pdf

Tips for Starting an Affiliates.pdf