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The Teachers of Teachers of Mathematics, Oregon (TOTOM, Oregon) is dedicated to providing a forum for people involved in the preparation of mathematics teachers. Each year TOTOM, Oregon organizes a meeting for the sharing of information on teacher licensure and the preparation of elementary, middle, and high school mathematics teachers.



Section 1
The name of this organization shall be the “TEACHERS OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS, Oregon.”



Section 1
The purpose of this organization shall be to:



Section 1
All those who are professionally involved in the preparation of prospective mathematics teachers shall be eligible for regular membership. These individuals include, but are not limited to, mathematics specialists, the faculty at public and private institutions of higher education in the State of Oregon, and professional development specialists working with mathematics teachers.

Section 2
The Executive Committee may establish various types of membership in the organization, and establish a schedule of dues. All dues-paying members shall be eligible to vote.

Section 3
Members shall provide the Treasurer with both email and postal addresses. A member shall be considered to have adequate notice of elections, meetings and other business of the organization if the appropriate information is mailed to one of these addresses (email or postal mail) 14 days before the business is to be acted upon.



Section 1
The organization will be governed by an Executive committee. The Executive committee will consist of a President, Past President, President-Elect/Secretary, Treasurer/Membership Coordinator, and TOTOM representative to OCTM.

Section 2
The President-Elect/Secretary and Treasurer/Membership Coordinator shall be elected during the annual meeting. When a new President-Elect/Secretary is selected, the previous year’s President-Elect/Secretary shall become the President of the organization.
The TOTOM, Oregon representative to OCTM shall be elected during the annual meeting in the fall of even numbered years (or the spring of odd numbered years) and serve a two-year term.
Other officers of the organization, appointed by the Executive committee shall include Webmaster and Listserv manager.

Section 3
The President’s responsibilities are, but are not limited to, the following: organize the meeting for the following year, remain informed of current mathematics issues in the state; function as a liaison between TOTOM, Oregon and the Oregon Department of Education; disseminate this information to the remainder of the TOTOM, Oregon membership; preside over the business meeting including organization of the elections.
The responsibilities of the President-Elect/Secretary are, but are not limited to: keep a record of executive committee and business meetings and serve on the program committee of the meeting for the following year.
The Treasurer/Membership Coordinator’s responsibilities are, but are not limited to maintaining accurate records of finances. He/she will also be responsible for maintaining the membership for the organization.
The responsibilities of the TOTOM, Oregon representative to OCTM are, but are not limited to: function as a liaison between TOTOM, Oregon and OCTM.



Section 1
There shall be at least one membership meeting during the academic year, and such other meetings as the Executive Committee shall decide.

Section 2
An organization financial report shall be reviewed and approved by the membership at each membership meeting.



Section 1
An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed (a) by a majority of the members of the Executive Committee or (b) by approval of a majority of the members at a regular meeting after having been introduced by any member of TOTOM, Oregon.

Section 2
An amendment which has been proposed shall become effective when ratified by two-thirds of those responding in a general membership vote. A general membership vote on an amendment can be conducted at any regular meeting provided there has been adequate notification of the members (at least 14 days) of the vote. The two-thirds vote would be of those present at the meeting.



Section 1
If at any time TEACHERS OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS, Oregon, ceases to function, all assets and property held by the association, shall after the payment of its liabilities, be paid over to an organization selected by the final Executive Committee. This selected organization shall have a similar purpose as the TEACHERS OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS, Oregon

Section 2
The decision to dissolve shall be initiated by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee. The voting membership of TEACHERS OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS, Oregon, would then be polled by mail. If two-thirds of the ballots returned favor dissolution, the organization would then be dissolved.


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