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There are no dues or news-letters for TOTOM. A membership list is obtained from the people that attend the fall meeting. Any person attending the meeting becomes a member of TOTOM for 5 years. People on the list will receive notification of meetings and registration information. People that have not attended a meeting in the past five years may add their name to the listserv by contacting the listserv manager Sherry Ettlich

Central Oregon Community College
Julie Keener
Kathy Smith
Colorado State University
Mary Pilgrim
Eastern Oregon University
John Knudson-Martin
  Patty Sandoz
Eugene School District 4J/ UO Teach
Maddy Ahearn
George Fox University
Robert Bonner
  Nicole Enzinger
Linda Samek
Lane Community College
Dale Green
  Kathie Hledik
  Jessica Knoch
  Art Peck
  Gayle Smith
Lane ESD
Regine Childs
Lewis & Clark College
Linda Griffin
Linfield College
Nancy Drickey
Martha Van Cleave
Mount Hood Community College
Paula Kitchen
Multhnomah University
Rachel Curtiss
Oregon Department of Education
Rachel Aazzerah
Mark Freed
  Susan Wilson
Oregon State University
Wendy Aaron
  Mary Beisiegel
  Thomas Dick
  Barbara Edwards
Marie Franzosa
  Elise Lockwood
  Karen Marrongelle
Scott Peterson
Lisa Reynolds
  Lyn Riverstone
Oregon State University - Cascades
Melinda Knapp
Pacific University
Steve Rhine
Portland State University
Steven Boyce
  Jason Dolor
  Carolyn James
Estrella Johnson
Dana Kirin
Kathleen Melhuish
Matthew Petersen
Nicole Rigelman
Ann Sitomer
  Amanda Sugimoto
Eva Thanheiser
Rogue Community College
Doug Gardner
Shasta College
Jennifer McCandless
Shasta County Office of Education
Hope Bjerke
Southern Oregon University
Francie Bostwick
Sherry Ettlich
Susan Faller-Mitchell
  Irv Lubliner
  Brian Stonelake
Lisa Wileman
Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
Keith Menk
TOMT Editor
Marie Cramer
Treasure Valley Community College
Renae Weber
Umpqua Community College
Joshua McDaniel
  Mary Stinnett
University of Oregon
Jill Baxter
  Tricia Bevans
  Shlomo Libeskind
  Dave Moursund
Tammy Nezol
  Jean Bernard Nganou
  Jennifer Ruef
  Dev Sinha
  Krista Strand
University of Portland
Nicole Ralston
Western Oregon University
Cheryl Beaver
Scott Beaver
Laurie Burton
Matthew Ciancetta
Breeann Flesch
Rachel Harrington

Independent Math Consultants,
Grad Students, Retired and
K - 8 Teachers

Cathy Brown
Laura Jacobsma
Laura Lethe
Roxanne Malter
Shannon Parvankin
Benjamin Petrick
Kellie Petrick
Mike Price


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